ESG for Sustainability

Innovative solution offering a distinctive approach tailored to the complexity of non-financial data management.

An intuitive platform that makes it easy for sustainability specialists to effectively manage ESG data collection, reporting and tracking for any type of organization. Preconfigured solution including EU Taxonomy, CSRD, IFRS S, GRI and SASB.

Certified Solution:
GRI and SASB certified, including the EU Taxonomy, the CSRD directive and the

Customized KPIs: Allows the creation of customized indicators (KPIs), adapting to the specific needs of companies.

EU Taxonomy Monitoring: By developing specific KPIs to help identify environmentally sustainable activities and verify compliance with DNSH.

Excel add-in: ESGeo is a Microsoft partner as IP-CO Sell and includes an official Excel add-in available in the Microsoft Store.



ESGeo: The best solution for effective digital governance on ESG issues

Today, profit and purpose are deeply connected. Focusing on sustainability directly influences the perception of your organization in the marketplace, which in turn impacts financial performance and corporate reputation.

ESGeo has been specifically developed to manage all aspects of the Environmental, Social and Governance value chain, being able to turn ESG risks into value and opportunities.

PMP is a partner of ESGeo

PMP is an official ESGeo distributor in Spain, Andorra and Portugal for the marketing and support of its products. We have extensive knowledge of ESGeo, having certified consultants and solution experts.

Main features and capabilities

ESG for Sustainability

ESGeo, a modular platform with a 360º perspective on sustainability. It facilitates the identification of sustainability risks and opportunities, as well as the evaluation of the impact of the corresponding initiatives.

ESGeo offers a full range of essential tools for sustainability reporting. Users have access to a variety of processes that facilitate the rapid incorporation of additional information or required attachments in an integrated, collaborative environment that optimizes performance and simplifies complex reporting tasks.

ESGeo facilitates the calculation of the carbon footprint, making it possible to accurately and efficiently measure and reduce the organization’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, thus minimizing missed opportunities. ESGeo has up-to-date emission factors for accurate assessment.

Data from multiple sources

Corporate documents, public reports, databases and sector data related to ESG risks.

Supply Chain

Connect supplier sustainability with key impact indicators. Evaluates suppliers' exposure to social risk.

Robust interface

Tailored system to address ESG risks and opportunities, monitor real-time trends and anticipate scenarios in sustainability reporting.

Simplicity and Traceability

Collaborative and streamlined data collection that provides transparency through fully traceable records.

ESG Reporting

Transparent data disclosure and in-depth analysis, ensuring compliance with GRI, SASB and other sustainability frameworks.

Analysis Capabilities

Powerful analytical functionality and capabilities for simulation of sustainability risk scenarios.

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